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Medieval Times

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Medieval Times
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Medieval Times: About the Creators

Medieval Times is a journey back in time where guests are immersed in an evening of 11th century entertainment, such as a jousting tournament, horsemanship and even falcons flying through the air, while also dining on a four-course meal fit for a king or queen (or prince or princess). This night of fantasy and excitement is part of what sets Medieval Times apart from other dinner shows in Orlando and is a large factor as to why it has been successful in this area since 1983.

However, despite over 30 years of success in the United States (there are now seven other Medieval Times in the United States and another in Canada), Medieval Times actually started 10 years before its American arrival in Spain. In 1973, the first Medieval Times castle was opened on the island of Majorca by a group of Spanish entrepreneurs. The original show was inspired by a royal family inviting guests to a feast while watching knights compete on horseback, something that was customary at the time.

After the success of the first operation, and continued growth in Spain, the same partnership jumped into the U.S. entertainment sector with their first castle in nearby Kissimmee, Fla. One of the major differences between the first shows created in Spain and the Medieval Times you see today is that the original shows were in outdoor theaters, whereas today each castle in the U.S. is indoors and, most important in the Florida summers, air conditioned. Another major difference is that guests in the original shows were seated around the performance area in sections named after Medieval Spain, whereas today guests are seated based on color-coded crowns that correspond with one of the knights in the show.

The fact that Medieval Times was created by a Spanish family keeps the authenticity of the dinner show intact. And despite its longevity, the show has also kept its authenticity by keeping the weapons and costumes the same, and the stars of the show are still the pure Spanish horses, also known as Andalusians. While the storyline does change every few years, the training program for the horses and knights in the show has remained the same throughout the decades, maintaining an excellence that fans of the show have come to expect.