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Top 5 Tips for Solving Crime at Sleuths Mystery Dinner Show

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|by Melanie Curtsinger |

The Sleuths Mystery Dinner Show is an all-encompassing entertainment experience, with an evening full of both dinner and entertainment. At Sleuths, which is located in the heart of International Drive, you become part of the show as you help solve a crime along with the cast and your tablemates while also partaking in a delectable three-course meal. This longest-running mystery dinner show in Orlando will leave you stumped and entertained as you try to figure out for yourself “whodunit!”

With up to 15 rotating murder mysteries, you can attend Sleuth’s multiple times and get a different experience each visit. But with a dynamic cast (all of whom have motives) and plots that have many twists and turns, it can be a challenge to correctly figure out the murder mystery. Before you go, check out these top tips below to give you an edge on impressing your friends and family at Sleuth’s Mystery Dinner Show!


1. Use every opportunity to talk to the cast!

The cast of the show will sometimes come out while guests check in, they will mingle as you are getting seated, and some of the cast might even be seated in the crowd with you! Take EVERY opportunity you can to talk to them and get any insight you can into that night’s show, who they think committed the crime, etc. The more you observe and interact with the cast, the better chance you will have of figuring out who the criminal is.

2. Keep notes

There will be SO many plot twists and turns, and literally every cast member will have an alibi and a motive. Keeping it all straight can be difficult, so keep notes throughout as each person tells their story – where were they during the murder, what was their motive, what was their relationship with the victim, etc. All of those notes will help you keep your thoughts straight at the end when you have to submit your guess!

3. Use your tablemates

During the dinner portion of the evening, guests are encouraged to talk as a table to deliberate and come up with questions for the cast, as well as make your individual prediction for who the murderer is. This time is crucial to find out not only who everyone else thinks is the culprit, but as different people discover different things, it becomes a great time to listen for clues you may have missed. Also be sure to come up with a question as a table for the cast that will really help you make an accurate guess, and have a backup question or two ready as another table just might ask your question for you.

4. The clues at the end are crucial

After you come up with a question, one person from your table is elected the spokesperson, and the cast comes back out to answer the questions. This is where the real clues come out and where you get the most information the entire night. After that discussion, you should be able to finalize your selection!

5. But it’s still probably not who you think it is...

The best part of the Sleuth’s Mystery Dinner Show is that it is done so well, that even the best of detectives have a have time figuring out the mystery. Most of these mysteries are not committed by the most obvious person, but rather by a secondary person who has an alternate agenda. Don’t be surprised or disappointed if you get the answer wrong – it just means you will have to come back and try again another night!

If you want to try your hand at the Sleuth’s Mystery Dinner Show, you can do so with big savings when you purchase your tickets at Book your tickets today and start putting these tips to use to see if you can solve the mystery!

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