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Solve Crime at Sleuths Mystery Dinner Show

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|by Melanie Curtsinger |

Best in Show for April is your No. 1 destination for discount tickets to Orlando shows and dinner shows, but with so many options, how do you know which one is the best? We here at recently attended the Sleuths Mystery Dinner Show, and if you want to know what the show experience is like before purchasing your tickets, everything you would want to know about your experience begins here!

Sleuths Mystery Dinner Show

Before the Show
Parking at Sleuth’s Mystery Dinner Show is easy, as the theatre is located at the back of a plaza in front of a large parking lot. It is suggested that you arrive 30-45 minutes prior to the show to check in on time and be seated by the time your show starts. Once you arrive, you will enter a large gift shop area, and after checking in, you will be given a number to keep. Light appetizers are served as a courtesy (including a cheese/fruit plate and bite-size wraps, just be sure to attack early), a cash bar is open and you are also welcome to browse the gift shop. Be sure to listen for your number to be called, and be on the lookout for members of the show to mingle with the crowd during this time as well. 

The Show
Once you are seated (you will be at a table with other families unless you have a large party; don’t fear, however, as the family we were seated with were wonderful and became friends with us by night’s end), the show begins almost immediately. If you do NOT want to be called up on stage, we recommend that you tell the case of characters that, as they walk around the room and begin to identify people they will be calling up on stage. As the show begins, various groups of people are brought up to do a myriad of silly activities (based on which show you are attending), and then the cast begins to tell the story for the night. Since there are up to 15 different mysteries that they use at Sleuth’s, you can truly get a different experience each time (their web site lists the mystery of the night if you want to ensure that you don’t get a repeat performance). The characters are all introduced and the story unfolds until someone is murdered – and by that time, trust me, everyone in the show will be a suspect and will have a motive. It’s up to you to figure out who the real culprit is!

The Food
When you sit down, a waitress/waiter will take your drink order (everything is included, including some alcohol) and bread and a small salad are waiting for you. When you book the show, you have the choice of three entrees (prime rib, which is an extra charge, lasagna with or without meatballs and honey-glazed cornish hen. Each entrée went over very well at my table and my choice, the lasagna, was delicious to the very last bite. Each person is also given a choice between three desserts, and the key lime pie (the desserts rotate each night!) was a great cap to the evening.

After Dinner
During the dinner portion of the evening, guests are encouraged to talk as a table to deliberate and come up with questions for the cast, as well as make your individual prediction for who the murderer is. One person is elected the spokesperson, and after dinner is over, the cast comes back out and each table is allowed to ask one question. This is where the real clues come out and you are able to finalize your selection for who really did it. After each table asks their one question, the cast, one by one, goes through and tells their story and if they did it or not until the real murderer is revealed.

Everyone who guesses right gets to go home with a small prize, and everyone in the crowd gets to go home with a lot of laughter, a full stomach and a plethora of memories for a night well spent. If you’re interested in meeting anyone in the cast, they also stay up on stage after the show as everyone exits to take pictures and mingle with the crowd.

If you are interested in an evening like this, be sure to book your tickets right here at We offer a discounted rate to this show, which could come in handy, as we are sure you will want to go multiple times to try to solve several different mysteries! Be sure to book your tickets today for the Sleuth’s Mystery Dinner Show!

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