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The Majestic Horses of Medieval Times

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|by Alex Mateo |

Meet the other stars of this Orlando dinner show

Medieval Times is a journey back in time where guests are immersed in an evening of a jousting tournament, horsemanship and even falcons flying through the air while dining on a four-course meal fit for a king or queen (or prince or princess.)

The Majestic Horses of Medieval Times - Orlando

The trained horses at Medieval Times Orlando are a wow factor.

While there is a royal court and knights battling for honor, the real stars of the show are the horses. Medieval Times breed their horses at Chapel Creek Ranch in Sanger, Texas, which is the birthplace of nearly all of the 400 horses at the different “castles” (aka Medieval Times sites) around the world today. This North Texas ranch is not only the birthplace for these horses, but it also serves as the luxurious retirement community for the horses once they complete their service as performers (which can be up to 17 years).

The horses at Chapel Creek Ranch include Quarter Horses, Friesians and Menorcans, but their prized breed are the pure Spanish horses, also known as Andalusians. These horses were prized in medieval times in Spain by royalty and the Spanish army for their intelligence, strength, agility and even temperament, and they are the crown jewel of the horses in the Medieval Times shows today.

The training schedule for each horse is intense – early on, they are introduced to lead ropes and halters, and saddles follow at age 2. At the age of 3, they are measured and dispersed to a Medieval Times site, where they are trained by a Master Trainer. Choreography in the shows can take up to three years, and then they are placed into rotation where they entertain thousands of guests each week as the star performers of Medieval Times.

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