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5 Fun Halloween Costumes Inspired by Orlando Dinner Shows

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|by Jena Pugh |

From medieval knights, to pirates, tango dancers and sleuths, your Halloween costumes are sure to amaze

You don’t have to look far for inspiration for a Halloween costume. And the city of Orlando offers plenty of their own ideas, including from popular productions. Here are 5 fun Halloween costumes inspired by Orlando Dinner Shows:

Fight for the honor of King's Champion in your medieval knight Halloween costume inspired by the dinner show Medieval Times (Photo: Medieval Times)

Fight for the honor of King's Champion in your medieval knight Halloween costume inspired by the dinner show Medieval Times (Photo: Medieval Times)

A Knight in Shining Armor from Medieval Times
The popular dinner theater production Medieval Times has been inspiring Halloween costumes for decades. One of the most popular being one of the knights that compete against one another for the honor of King’s Champion. A knight costume includes full armor, a sword, and if you’re really creative, a horse.

Detective form Sleuths Mystery Dinner Show
Sleuths Mystery Dinner Show is a fun who-done it that will make you want to don your best Sherlock Holmes hat and magnifying glass this Halloween. Make sure you inquire about every activity and pretend to crack the case by the end of the night.

A Pirate from Pirates Dinner Adventure
“The world’s most unique interactive dinner show” will have you changing into yer best pirate attire this Halloween. Pirates Dinner Adventure takes you inside a world of swordplay, romance, and the battle of good and evil. You’ll even get practice at playing a pirate prior to Halloween night during the show. Decide whether you want to be a hero like Benjamin Blue and rescue a damsel in distress or a villain like Captain Sebastian the Black and take captive a princess.

Cabaret Dancer from Mango’s Tropical Café
Is there a more exotic Halloween costume than one of the cabaret dancers from Mango’s Tropical Cafe? These incredible dancers impress with not only their dancing but also their stunning outfits complete with a massive headdress. This costume will definitely turn heads.

A Passenger on the Titanic
Titanic Gala Dinner Show takes guests on a journey onboard the most famous ship that ever sailed. Remember the famous boat and that fateful night by becoming one of the passengers from the trip. Dress up in formal attire from the 1900’s and get ready to set sail.

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